Paris, the circus of Luis Vuitton between tigers and China in blades

Lame 'and fringes, tiger and shimmering women, China and gold, a bright and theatrical colorful fashion, even exaggerated: we are on the black marble catwalk of Louis Vuitton , the background is a circus tent and there are also three embalmed tigers.

The first models are tamers, in petticoats of chain or fringes in colored beads. There is the Chinese jacket with frogs, there are longuette knit lurex dresses with contrasting sequin obi. Everything sparkles, even the outfit with pendants and culottes, the tiger dress in black and gold satin or the zebra with matching cape, even the trouser suit with a giraffe design, and also the fringes of glass on the heels of the sandals.

It is the 'Camp Style' cited by Marc Jacobs to explain his collection. For those who do not know, it is that taste, first mentioned in 1909, that borders on kitsch and connotes a theatrical aesthetic, exaggerated, shimmering, very 'middle class' that wants to look rich. The American designer decided to make it the leitmotif of the show, using the bad taste in a chic way, one could say snobbish. There are also the 70s, just for that desire of lurex and colors, animals embroidered in sequins, slits on skirts longuette, very sexy and very different from the widths narrow waist in the 50s of which are full the current windows of the flagship griffe of the Lvmh group .

It should finally be noted that this time, it is not a fashion show that focuses mainly on accessories, even if it is inevitable to mention the very classic new handbag, to be worn as a clutch bag, in precious and colored leathers.